putrihakim Red Square Moscow Russia

Red Square Moscow Russia

putrihakim Red Square Moscow Russia

Winter 2017.
Moscow, Russia.

I’ve been dreaming of going here since a very long time.. and really shocked when I’ve got USD500 return tickets by Thai Airways (!!) as it’s even waaayyy cheaper (considering the distance) than going to some domestic destinations within my own country.

Yes, I went there in low season.. the unforgiving winter ^_^ which even the real people there won’t bother to go out from their houses due to the extreme cold weather.

Anyhow, I survived ^_^ thanks to layers of Uniqlo’s HeatTech and Marks & Spencer’s HeatGen plus some of faux-furs & cashmeres that I acquired during some of my Nepal trips.

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post! I’m just a happy customer.

Anyway.. here are some of places you don’t wanna miss:

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • Kremlin Towers
  • Mausoleum of Lenin
  • GUM Shopping Center
  • State Historical Museum

Dasvidaniya! ^_^

putrihakim Taal Volcano Philippines

Taal Volcano & Lake Tagaytay Philippines

putrihakim Taal Volcano Philippines

Summer 2013.
Manila, Philippines.

Brian and Lyn are one of my favorite couple ^_^

Brian is Australian while Lyn is Filipino.. they met in HK and traveled around the world where Brian’s work take them.. we first met in Jakarta while Brian was designing one of most prestigious building.. then accidentally met in Bali for holiday.. before they finally settled in Manila.

Luckily, I had the chance to visit them there.. where they took us to see the second most active volcano from the city by car.. then we continued by horse (!!) to the steep terrain where we could take photos of the mountain and the lake.

Up until now.. even if they’re far from sight but still close to the heart.

putrihakim Murren Switzerland

Murren Switzerland

putrihakim Murren Switzerland

Spring 2000.
Murren, Switzerland.

Die die, must try!

The story began when I entered the BEST high school in Jakarta. My aunt promised to take me abroad if I could get top 3. Long story short.. I’ve got it.

So when other people had their 17th birthday in a cafe or (even) hotel.. I had my first Eurotrip ^_^

My aunt’s bestfriend married a doctor which stationed in Geneva.. so we visited their property in Échenevex (it’s a France territory but only 30 mins away by car from Geneva).. which became our base before continuing the journey to Switzerland and Italy.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) passes under Échenevex.. and if you’re not familiar with it.. maybe you want to read one of infamous fiction novel by Dan Brown: Angels & Demons ^_^

She’s also the one who’s suggesting a car-free village in the Alps and booked us the Hotel Alpenruh.. where I experienced my first snow!

Too bad.. we havent’s got the chance to visit James Bond’s revolving restaurant: Piz Gloria because it was foggy.. but if you could, you should!

putrihakim 58 Tour Eiffel Paris France

58 Tour Eiffel Paris France

putrihakim 58 Tour Eiffel Paris France

Spring 2017.
Paris, France.

When I had the chance to visit a city.. I prefer to experience something unique rather than to shop.. and having dinner in the most iconic landmark is definitely one of them.

Indulge the fine dining food made by Michelin stars’ chef and bubbly champagne.. I suggest you to reserve the window table with Trocadéro view!

Bon appétit ^_^

Champ de Mars
75007 Paris, France