Red Square Moscow Russia

putrihakim Red Square Moscow Russia

Winter 2017.
Moscow, Russia.

I’ve been dreaming of going here since a very long time.. and really shocked when I’ve got USD500 return tickets by Thai Airways (!!) as it’s even waaayyy cheaper (considering the distance) than going to some domestic destinations within my own country.

Yes, I went there in low season.. the unforgiving winter ^_^ which even the real people there won’t bother to go out from their houses due to the extreme cold weather.

Anyhow, I survived ^_^ thanks to layers of Uniqlo’s HeatTech and Marks & Spencer’s HeatGen plus some of faux-furs & cashmeres that I acquired during some of my Nepal trips.

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post! I’m just a happy customer.

Anyway.. here are some of places you don’t wanna miss:

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • Kremlin Towers
  • Mausoleum of Lenin
  • GUM Shopping Center
  • State Historical Museum

Dasvidaniya! ^_^

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