putrihakim Zenyu Eco Spa Manila Philippines

Zenyu Eco Spa Manila Philippines

putrihakim Zenyu Eco Spa Manila Philippines

Summer 2013.
Manila, Philippines.

I always eager to try different kinds of massages everywhere I go ^_^ so this one is hard to be missed..

1. Deep Tissue Massage.
It was very relaxing to have massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.

2. Hotbed Treatment (Japanese style).
Laying on the specialized AntiOxidant Theraphy Rooms (on the floor) said that could promote your overall blood health.

3. Full Body Fish Spa.
If you ever tried to dip your feet until reaching below knee to let Dr. Fish nibbling off the dead skin ^_^ this spa really takes it to different level because you could totally submerging your body until neck! Felt like been eating alive by mini-piranha.. xixixi..

Manila Ocean Park
Hotel H2O, Luneta, Manila
1000 Metro Manila, Philippines