The LEGO Mosaic Maker @ London UK

putrihakim The LEGO Mosaic Maker @ London UK

Spring 2017.
London, United Kingdom.

If you’re as narcissistic as I am ^_^ then you will want a very own, one-of-a-kind, personalised LEGO mosaic portrait (read: your face!)

The website said that you need to do an online booking in in advanced.. but since I’ve got no time (during my full Europe itinerary) to do so.. I just went straight to the largest LEGO Store in the world.. and I’ve got mine after waiting for 2 hours.

You went inside a photo booth.. the machine captures your images and then you will receive printed instructions and the bricks required to complete your own LEGO portrait.

Oh, it was so worth it ^_^

3 Swiss Court, London W1D 6AP
United Kingdom

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